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Here at Sothis Glassing LLC we Pride ourselves on creating custom Surfboards to help you ride that perfect wave. 

With our Boards you will stand out from everyone else with your own unique design. this surfboards are strong and sturdy which will last you many years and should it become damaged over time bring it to our shop where our dedicated team will make them like the day you first bought it.

Craftsmanship and quality is the persistent goal you will find in our custom Laminating, Repair and Shapes. We know your surfboard & fiberglass needs. Give us a call today or come by our surf shop and let us help you design the perfect surfboard to fit your personality!

Custom Surfboards in Virginia Beach VA
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Surfboards in Virginia Beach VA

Custom Designed Surfboards in Virginia Beach VA

Getting a custom surfboard by SoThis is the best way to ensure you are riding a board that is a proper fit for you.  Not only will it be a good match for your size and surfing level but it will be designed with the breaks you surf in mind.  

Custom surfboards are not too much more expensive than a board off the shelf but the end result is tailored.  Make sure to do your research and work with a surfboard shaper that will deliver a high-quality surfboard in a decent amount of time and that the shaper makes the board after asking you questions and listening to the answers.

Your board will be an interpretation based off their years of experience. You want a board that's easier to paddle? He'll add a slight bit of volume here. You want a board for bigger waves? He might suggest to pull in the tail there. You looking to surf thicker, heavier, hollow waves? He'll add an extra layer of glass.

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